• Austin Simcox

Equitable Access for All

Updated: Apr 9

Government should make internet accessible to all. In an increasingly digital world, the ability to stay connected determines who has access to opportunity and who doesn't; a pandemic only amplifies that.

I support the bill which Rep. Dailey-Provost introduced in the 2020 legislative session. The bill would create a state office that would work with telecom companies to ensure that every Utahn has access to internet, regardless of location or income.

I'm thinking specifically about my students, some of whom are having difficulty accessing schoolwork from home and many of whom are already at-risk to begin with. This won't just affect them temporarily; they'll start next year with even more hurdles. I'm also thinking of the almost 20,000 Utahns who filed for unemployment last week (almost 15x more than the week before).

In summary, we need solutions NOW. Internet should be accessible by all.


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