• Austin Simcox

We Need the Post Office

As a candidate for state office, I usually try to steer clear from national political issues and focus only on Utah issues. However, there is one national issue being discussed that will have a very local impact: the United States Postal Service. I cannot stay silent on this issue because a functioning and secure postal service is vital to any freedom-loving people.

Some facts about the USPS:

-They’re one of the largest employers of veterans in the US, employing over 97,000 veterans.

-40% of their employees are minorities.

-They employ 633,000+ people and they pay $52 billion a year in salaries and benefits.

-If USPS were a private company, they’d rank 44th in the Fortune 500.

-They receive $0 in tax funding. They are completely funded by their own revenue.

-1400 postal-owned buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places.

-They handle 48% of the entire world’s mail!

-In rural areas, they are often the only form of mail delivery, covering 42,000 ZIP codes and 160 million delivery points.

-Benjamin Franklin was the first postmaster general and the position was originally one of the most important positions in the Cabinet.

-It’s one of the few federal agencies explicitly authorized by the Constitution.

-It’s the ONLY mail service where your privacy is constitutionally guaranteed.

[Facts gathered from https://facts.usps.com/]

If you care about veterans, minorities, rural residents, the economy, the Constitution, and your own privacy, then you should care about the USPS. A secure mail service is vital to many of the freedoms we enjoy, including our right to vote and our right to privacy.

The President‘s recent attacks on the USPS along with the slowing of the mail, regardless of the cause, should concern us all. The USPS recently sent a letter to 46 states (including Utah) warning them that mail-in ballots may not be delivered on time to be counted (https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/512086-postal-service-warns-46-states-mail-ballots-may-not-be-delivered-in-time-to) and the President himself explicitly stated he is blocking relief funding for the postal service in order to block mail-in voting, even though he will be voting by mail (https://apnews.com/14a2ceda724623604cc8d8e5ab9890ed).

Neither party in Congress is doing enough to protect the postal service or raise alarm about the negative impacts its demise can have on our economy and on our freedom. Contact your congressional representatives and encourage them to protect the USPS.


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